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E-Band Drives Trading Markets’ Need for Speed With New Ultra-Low Latency Radio for HFT Customers

San Diego, CA – Nov 2, 2012 – San Diego-based E-Band Communications Corp., manufacturer of the world's highest performance 80 GHz wireless backhaul solutions for 4G/LTE networks, has announced the general availability of its E-Link 1000-ULL ultra-low latency radio for HFT (high frequency trading) customers.

The E-Link 1000-ULL – which delivers full duplex 2 Gbps throughput for several miles with latency measured in nanoseconds – is the highest capacity and lowest latency radio solution in the industry.

As global financial markets become increasingly competitive, electronic trading strategies such as High Frequency Trading become more critical. In HFT applications where computers can make millions of decisions in fractions of a second, receiving data even a single millisecond quicker can help generate significant profits. According to Information Week Magazine, “A one millisecond advantage in trading applications can be worth $100 million a year to a major brokerage firm.”

“E-Band's ULL radio infrastructure contributes directly to our customers’ bottom line,” said Saul Umbrasas, co-founder of E-Band. “By using E-Band’s ultra-low latency radios, customers in the HFT industry can cut access time to data centers of different exchanges by multiple orders of magnitude, resulting in a first-mover advantage in executing trades.”

E-Band already has the widest install base of ultra-low latency radios in the industry, with hundreds of the company’s ULL systems carrying commercial traffic in Chicago and New York. E-Band’s ULL radio is based on the same radio platform as its flagship millimeter wave backhaul system E-Link 1000Q, which has several thousand commercial installations in more than 30 countries around the world.

About E-Band:

E-Band Communications Corporation designs and manufactures the highest performance multi-gigabit capacity wireless backhaul systems based on 70-80 GHz Millimeter-wave technology. E-Band's exclusive field of use license from a major defense contractor enabled the company to develop the industry's most advanced proprietary MMIC's (Monolithic Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuits) and led to E-Band's cost and performance leadership position.

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