E-Band Communications Wireless Backhaul


E-Link 1000Q-ULL

Spectrum efficient QPSK links

  • 70/80 GHz Long & Extended Long Range links with spectrum efficient QPSK modulation
  • E-Band’s exclusive MMIC technology
  • Frequency agile
  • Layer 1 GigE throughput

The E-Link 1000Q-ULL, available with either a Long Range or Extended Long Range antenna, includes QPSK modulation for enhanced spectrum efficiency. The 1000Q offers the highest 70/80 GHz performance available, due to E-Band’s exclusive Microwave Monolithic Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technology. This industry leading technology provides higher throughput, longer distances, superior reliability &faster ROI.

1000Q-ULL Data Sheet


  • LTE/4G/WiMAX backhaul
  • Remote Storage Access
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Redundant Access/Network Diversity
  • Mobile backhaul
  • Local Area Network Extension
  • Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)
  • Homeland Security

Features & performance

  • Spectrum efficient QPSK modulation
  • Full duplex wire speed Gigabit Ethernet
  • Field changeable GigE interface (patent pending)
  • Rapid Field Replaceable unit with direct slip-fit antenna
  • Frequency agile
  • Ultra Low Latency 500ns
  • Rapid Port Shutdown
  • Typical link distances exceed 3 mi / 5 km for 99.99% availability
  • Low Latency for multimedia applications (<5µs)
  • Lightweight, small footprint, all outdoor design
  • Transparently handles multi-media jumbo packets
  • Transparent to Ethernet timing protocols (SyncE, IEEE 1588v2)
  • Supports multiple network architectures including
    • Point-to-Point, Mesh/Ring, Repeater