E-Band Communications Wireless Backhaul

E-Link Mini

Macro and Small Cell Millimeterwave Backhaul Systems

The E-Link Eagle2 product family includes the E-Link Eagle-Mini radio.  This product family provides low cost high capacity backhaul solutions for Macro, Small Cell mobile network and ISP architectures.  The E-Link2 product family operates in the lightly licensed 71-86 GHz frequency band using 250, 500 and 750 MHz user selectable channel bandwidths.  The E-Link Eagle2 and E-Link Eagle-Mini can provide up to 3000 Mbps full duplex throughput using 64QAM modulation and includes an advanced Carrier Grade L2 Ethernet switch.

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Features & Performance

  • 83 - 3000 Mbps throughput full duplex upstream and downstream
  • Hitless and Errorless Adaptive Modulation, Coding and Rate
  • Internal Carrier Grade L2 Switch
  • 1+0, 2+0, and Ethernet Ring configuration
  • SyncE and IEEE 1588v2 compliant
  • Comprehensive OA&M support (Y.1731, Y.1564)
  • Optional support for CPRI data rates to 3,072Mbps
  • Small Form Factor & low weight
  • Quick and Simple deployment
  • E-Link Eagle-Mini uses an integrated 38dBi Antenna
  • E-Link Eagle2 uses a slip-fit antenna mount supporting 30, 30 and 90cm antennas


  • 4G/LTE/Small Cell backhaul for accesss and aggregation
  • “Last Mile” fiber extension for enterprises
  • Temporary high capacity links for disaster recovery
  • Local Area Network (LAN) Extensions