E-Band Communications Wireless Backhaul

E-band Frequency Licensing


Systems operating at the e-band frequencies have two unique characteristics not experienced by conventional lower frequency devices.  Firstly, the high operational frequencies of e-band systems make antennas highly directional, meaning systems communicate via highly focused "pencil beam" transmissions.  Secondly, the 71-76 and 81-86 GHz frequency bands are configured as two single channels, meaning traditional frequency planning does not need to be considered.  Together, these two unique properties of e-band systems enable operators to realize networks with a high degree of frequency reuse, even configuring links close to one another without interference concerns.

The national wireless link regulators and administrators in the USA, UK and many countries have recognized that these characteristics vastly simplify the licensing process.  With no frequency coordination and much simplified interference analysis, the burdensome traditional link licensing schemes are not necessary.  Innovative streamlined processes have been introduced that enable links to be applied for in real time, and interference analysis and link approval to be realized in minutes.  Because administration is vastly reduced, the cost of such "light licenses" has been dramatically reduced, encouraging adoption of competitive high data rate services at the e-band frequencies.

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