E-Band Communications Wireless Backhaul


















Next generation antennas 

E-Band's 70/80 GHz point-to-point antennas offer the highest performance available. Complementing these antennas is an innovative mount whose design was driven by years of experience working with major 3G/4G carriers. The antenna mount is pre-assembled for easy deployment and the radio-to-antenna connection utilizes a slip-fit arrangement along with a latch-and-strike for securing the radio to the antenna.

Antennas data sheet (1ft / 0.3m and 2ft / 0.6m)  



Antenna features and performance 

• Available in 1 ft / 0.3m and 2 ft / 0.6m sizes

• For use in high density deployments where space and aesthetics are important

• Fully pre-assembled, ready to install

• Includes compact, rugged aluminum mount made with corrosion resistant materials and stainless steel hardware

• Meets FCC and ETSI electrical requirements

• Linear polarization and superior radiation efficiency

• Integrated quick connect slip-fit design

• Superior fine azimuth and elevation adjustment

• Optional sight alignment tool available

• Light weight (13 lbs/5.6 kg and 20 lbs/8.8 kg)

E-Link applications 

E-Link applications

LTE/4G/WiMAX backhaul

Fiber Extension

Remote Storage Access

Disaster Recovery

Redundant Access/Network Diversity

Mobile Backhaul

Local Area Network Extension

Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)