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Seamless Transition to 4G

E-Band's MultiPort (TM) is an optional indoor unit designed to ease the transition to 4G networks by providing configurable TDM and IP capabilities. Since MultiPort is software defined, carriers configure it to the exact needs of their network, thus reducing installation costs, safety risks and down time associated with upgrading network capacity and transitioning from TDM to IP networks.

MultiPort data sheet




WiMAX/LTE/4G backhaul

Mobile backhaul

Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)

Features & performance

Accepts different types of serial inputs and converts them into a single data stream.

E-Link Interface Modules make customization of MultiPort easy, without having to climb towers as with competing solutions: GigE and 2xE1/T1, GigE and 23xE1/T1, GigE and up to 3xSTM-1/OC-3

High throughput (up to 1000Mbps, TDM/IP traffic).

IP switch support: VLAN, QoS, ToS.

Management: CLI, HTML, or SNMPv1.

Reduces CAPEX expenditures. Enables the operator to maintain TDM traffic while migrating to an all IP network.

Easy to install and reliable. Only one cable is needed between the MultiPort IDU and E-Link ODU.