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Brochure: E-Band Company & Product Overview (2nd quarter, 2011)

Read about the history of E-Band Corporation, competitive advantages and our exciting products for 2011. 


NEW Brochure: All-in-one and modular E-Link 1000Q Backhaul Solutions ("Just because it's raining...it doesn't mean your network has to throttle down 90%")

Read about the industry's best backhaul solution, and how E-Band's AlwaysGigE capability outperforms competing radios, which can be forced to throttle down throughput up to 90%.


White Paper: E-Band Wireless Technology Overview

The significance of the e-band frequencies cannot be overstated.  The 10 GHz of spectrum available represents by far the most ever allocated by the FCC at any one time, representing 50-times the bandwidth of the entire cellular spectrum.  With 5 GHz of bandwidth available per channel, gigabit and greater data rates can easily be accommodated with reasonably simple radio architectures.  With propagation characteristics comparable to those at the widely used microwave bands, and well characterized weather characteristics allowing rain fade to be understood, link distances of several miles can confidently be realized.


White Paper: E-Band Light Licensing

How the USA, UK, Australia, UAE and other countries are encouraging e-band adoption to enhance their national broadband infrastructures.


White Paper: Benefits of E-Band Over Other Technologies

There are several technologies competing to provide wireless broadband connectivity and bridge the last mile gap. This paper explores how e-band wireless systems compete effectively against these alternatives, and brings significant advantages to wireless system providers and network designers. 


White Paper: Synchronous Ethernet


White Paper: List of Regulatory Links

This paper is a collection of links to various countries regulatory sites for the e-band frequencies.