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E-Band Announces 64QAM Millimeter Wave Radio System

Industry's Most Advanced E-Band Radio for Next Generation 4G & LTE Wireless Networks

SAN DIEGO -- April 25, 2012 -- San Diego-based E-Band Communications Corp., manufacturer of the world's highest performance 80 GHz wireless backhaul solutions for 4G/LTE networks, has announced the industry's first E-band 64QAM-based radio.

The radio, called the E-Link Eagle, is based on a software-defined proprietary digital modem technology enabling modulation schemes from BPSK to 64QAM and providing data throughput from 50 Mbps to 3000 Mbps.  The E-Link Eagle's hardware platform includes E-Band's high performance transceiver with +24dBm power output and a low noise front end, along with a carrier-grade Ethernet switch.

The E-Link Eagle delivers the industry's highest spectral efficiency and flexibility, allowing carriers to transmit full-duplex gigabit Ethernet in a single 250MHz wide RF channel, or to combine up to three 250MHz channels to increase link reach or capacity up to 3,000 Mbps.

"This new radio platform enables our customers a level of flexibility that no other millimeter-wave radio provides," said Jimmy Hannan, Director of Product Management for E-Band.  "The software-defined features provided in the E-Link Eagle radio allow our customers to minimize their spectrum licensing fees and maximize radio performance. The Eagle radio supports the emerging ETSI requirements for improved bandwidth efficiency, out-of-band emissions, and channelization. This radio also has advanced packet queuing, hitless adaptive coding and modulation, advanced timing and synchronization for Ethernet networks, and OAM features integrated in a zero footprint outdoor package," Hannan said.

The E-Link Eagle's features are critical for successful deployment of 4G/LTE and small cell backhaul networks, according to Saul Umbrasas, E-Band's co-founder and Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "The explosive growth of data traffic in the wireless networks coming from video and multimedia applications on smartphones, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices has created a bottleneck in the backhaul," Umbrasas said. "The Eagle radio addresses exactly this problem by carrying more traffic in the backhaul and relieving the bottleneck."

About E-Band:

E-Band Communications Corporation designs and manufactures the highest performance multi-gigabit capacity wireless backhaul systems for LTE macro and small cell networks based on 70-80 GHz millimeter-wave technology. Customers around the world, including tier-one carriers, leading enterprises and governments, use E-Band radios in applications such as 3G, 4G,  LTE backhaul, LAN extension and fiber substitution.  E-Band has deployed over 5,000 radios in over 30 countries. For additional information visit http://www.e-band.com/.



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