E-Band Communications Wireless Backhaul

E-Band's Commitment to Quality


E-Band Communications is dedicated to producing the highest quality products possible, to ensure optimum reliability of your network. This commitment is exemplified by the company's implementation of the latest ISO management system procedures and by our 5 Point Buyer Assurance plan.


ISO 9001:2008 registration certificate: 




5 Point Buyer Assurance Commitment:



1. Money back/risk free for 30 days

Simply email E-Band engineers the site survey information before placing your order with E-Band, our distributors or resellers. We will evaluate the information and give you the stamp of approval. If the system does not meet your expectations, we will refund your money. It's that simple.

2. We'll match or beat any price

Have a quote from another vendor? No problem. Just email us the quote and we will match or beat the price on comparable products, plus give you another 10% off or one year extra warranty! Why are we so confident? Because E-Band conducts competitive analysis on an ongoing basis (e.g., pricing, features, performance and support). Our solutions offer the highest value available, combined with industry-leading reliability and performance.

3. Advanced and reliable technology (E-Band exclusive!)

There are tangible technology, reliability and cost reasons why E-Band is the fastest growing manufacturer of 80 GHz backhaul solutions. We are committed to providing our customers the best, highest value products possible. Our exclusive highly integrated microwave monolithic integrated circuit (MMIC) technology enables us to manufacture the industry's highest performance wireless systems with far fewer chips and at a lower cost than the competition. This technology is proven with leading carriers such as Clearwire Corporation, and in enterprise settings (hospitals, universities, businesses). And every product is subjected to rigorous field tests in the harshest environmental conditions. No other GigE manufacturer has this MMIC technology advantage, which was co-developed by E-Band and Northrop Grumman under exclusive field-of-use license.

4. World class technical help

We are committed to providing top-notch technical assistance before and after the sale. Our application engineers will gladly help your company select the right solution, whether it is for a 4G Major Metropolitan Network or simply connecting two buildings. E-Band has highly skilled, seasoned industry veterans located in major regions of the world. If we don't have the best solution for your project, we will connect you to the right people. In addition, we offer both paid certification training courses and free webinars.

5. Industry-leading warranty

On the rare occasion that one of our products requires service, you'll rest assured that we will stand behind the product with strong warranty plans that range from one to five years, depending on your needs. In such cases, simply fill out our online Return Material Authorization form and one of our engineers will personally respond. Such occurrences are so rare, each and every return is reviewed by Director and Vice President-level E-Band management.